Our Community

Our Community

What can you expect our liturgy to be like if you come to us?

First we have not adopted the New Roman Missal promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church in 2012.

You will find a liturgy that looks and feels and IS “catholic.” But we are “catholic” with a small “c.” We are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. We are an independent catholic church, like many growing independent catholic churches throughout the USA and the world that welcome all to communion and whose clergy are men and women, straight or gay, single, married or partnered.

We seek to create liturgical and prayer experiences that are alive, creative and meaningful. Our preachers are dynamic and relate the Word well to everyday life. Our music ranges anywhere from contemporary to traditional hymns and even some pop. Our music program is slowly growing. Depending on the Mass that you attend you will at least find a pianist/organist, singer and a solo instrument like a flute or oboe. Sunday afternoon at 12:30 in Louisville is currently our Mass with more attendance and we hope that Sunday evening at 5:30pm in Louisville will grow At all Masses you will find preaching that is relevant to your life and music that is uplifting. You will also find a dynamic singing community in Lebanon KY at the Sunday morning Mass there!!

If you have a good voice or are blessed to play an instrument well and would like to become part of the Music Ministry at Rabbouni just see or contact Fr. Kevin who is our Music Director as well as one of our priests at Rabbouni.

We seek to engage the community in a variety of liturgical ministries. If you are blessed with a good speaking voice and would like to serve as a Lector, or if you would like to serve as a Eucharistic Minister, a Gift Bearer, etc. there are usually sign up sheets near the entrance to the church, or if you have any questions see one of our clergy or lay ministers.

At Rabbouni’s liturgies you will find a welcoming community that will be delighted to welcome you!

Most importantly, through our liturgy we seek to inspire and uplift people, to form them in prayer and faith – that we all might be strengthened in living out our everyday lives with a sense of God’s presence with us.

Come and pray with us a few times and see if what we do and who we are resonates with you!